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It's time to move past the #metoo movement and into the #time2heal movement.


Healing women will change a broken and hurt world when they have the courage to move past their trauma. 

Wendy Bunnell


#time2heal -The Program 


Proven roadmap

This is where we start. It is challenging to jump right into healing trauma and gain sexual liberation, when we don't feel safe, and our nervous systems are fried. 

Learn Techniques that Work

Each of the modalities taught work with scientifically proven methods that help our systems to gain safety and nourish our nervous systems. 

Join a Community that Cares and Understands

No one understands you more than another woman who has experienced a similar part of their journey.Link arms with women who want to see you take back your life and your power. 

Lifetime Access

These principles are easy to learn, and only require your own body to use them. You will have lifetime access to revisit and ensure that these new tools become a new part of your life and healing plan.

This is where we start...

1st Step....


Our Trauma Responses were Learned in an Effort to Keep us Safe. But those Coping Mechanisms are actually Interfering with us Showing up Fully in this World. Our World Deserves to Have us Fully Alive, Fully Present, and Living in Our Full Truth.


2nd Step....

Get Back in Our Bodies

Most women that have experienced sexual trauma, have learned to disassociate with their bodies. There may even be a belief that their bodies betrayed them, or that they are for everyone else's pleasure but not their own. To be fully alive means that we need to be fully present in body, mind, and spirit. 


3rd Step

Help Nourish our Nervous Systems

Trauma keeps our bodies on hyper alert, which taxes our energy and keeps us trapped in trauma patterns. It is hard to even consider our trauma when we can't think, we can't digest food, and we can't sleep. Add our 21st century data overload and we have ample opportunity to help our nervous systems to calm down.


Are You Ready to Heal?

Your world and the world around you changes when you start the healing process...

  • When you choose to heal, you give your family permission to step into their greatness as well. 
  • If you want your children to be happy, show them what that looks like. 
  • When you start radiating joy and happiness, it invites abundance to join you. People, resources, and things naturally gravitate to individuals that know their worth. 
  • Your perception of the world will shift from words like hard, challenging, chaotic, overwhelming, frustrating, to peaceful, bliss, joy, miracles, love, and connection. 
  • Your health will improve as the stress level is decreased and your nervous system starts to lean back into the parasympathetic. Your cortisol will reduce and you will sleep better, be less reactive, and be more present. 


I Choose Me




Hi... I'm          Wendy Bunnell

I am a regular girl just like you. I have six children, twelve grandchildren and I have been married for 33 years to my sweetheart. And even with those amazing people in my life, I always felt like something was preventing me from really thriving and living a life I deserved.

I started seeking my answers by going down the road of personal development and learning ways to think differently, and started to learn self love and acceptance.

Right around that time, my world fell apart. I believe that my body knew that I had the skills to navigate past my trauma. Even though I didn't believe it was making an impact on my life- it was impacting EVERYTHING in my life.

Only by finally addressing my trauma, and allowing it to be set free would I feel whole once again.

And now that I am on the other side and experiencing the life that I knew existed, I have a great desire to pay it forward to my sisters. 

Healing our trauma is the bravest thing we will ever do. Healing our trauma will help heal all of the women that came before or after us.

And healing women have the power to heal a broken and hurt world.  



This is possible for you too.

It's #time2heal

1. Join the #time2heal Program

Click the enrollment button and follow the checkout steps. In minutes, you'll get an email will your login details.

2. Take Back Your Power

You are ready and courageous enough to start this process. We start with feeling safe, not addressing trauma, so you can feel powerful enough to move towards that goal of healing and rediscovering the real you.

3. Gain Tools that Will Stay With You 

Finally feel confident to achieve your goal. From this topic to this topic, you'll learn everything you need to succeed. 


Are you ready to move past surviving and become thriving?

It is possible. Not only is it possible but it is your birthright. You deserve to have more and to give more. Your family and friends deserve the real you behind the facade of trauma. You are ready. It begins with a choice. One choice can change your life. Just like one choice changed our past, a new choice can set you free. Let me take you by the hand and walk you towards a new way of being, a new way of seeing, and to remember your truth. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Take the first step....

Choose the first step, any step. The time is now.....

Whether you decide that the #time2heal program is the first step, or have chosen to start this path and want to add it to your healing plan. I encourage you to start somewhere....anywhere. Please choose you and allow the pain of yesterday to start dissolving so you can see the happiness of today.

As your sister in this journey, I am holding your hand and rooting you on. This world needs the highest and best version of you. Your family needs this version. And most importantly, you deserve this version so you can lead a life of passion, purpose, love, and joy that isn't shadowed by the story of your past.

Here's what's waiting for you on the other side:
  • A deep connection and love for yourself. When you start seeing the layers of darkness dispel, you will be able to receive more love from yourself and everyone around you. 
  • As you start feeling happier and lighter this new version will naturally attract abundance in relationships, opportunities, and contentment for what is. 
  • You will start shifting your perception from a world of chaos and pain, to a world of wonder, love, and connection. 
  • Your health will improve. You will notice more energy, more excitement for life, and you may even see the weight of the past start dissolving physically from your body. 

Choose You!

I choose me



It is Hard to Find the Light of the Soul when it is Surrounded by the Trauma of Yesterday.....

It is time to take back what has always been. The joy and happiness, peace and tranquility are all waiting behind the trauma wall we built to protect ourselves. At one point it was necessary, but it is now blocking us from the life we deserve.

It prevents us from: 

  • Fully Giving & Receiving Love
  • Relationships Free of Co-Dependency and Struggle
  • Abundance 
  • Pleasure
  • Fully Aligning with Source

The Highest and Best Version of You is Hiding Behind the Pain that is Fighting to be Released. 

You Deserve to Live a Life of Pleasure, Joy, Happiness, Health and Love.

Here's the truth:

It doesn't have to be this way

You are Ready.  The Old Story that Life Needs to be Hard can Disintegrate as You Learn that Life Can be Full of Pleasure, Love, Connection and even Fun. The Only Thing Blocking You from the Truth is Your Trauma and the Shame Story that Was Created.