Do you feel like there is a glass ceiling preventing you from reaching the goals that are in your heart?


Have you tried going to conferences, attending seminars and workshops and the "system" that they outlined for you didn't work?


Is there a part of your life that seems "stuck"?

My name is Wendy Bunnell, and I help find the blocks that keep people from connecting.

The blocks that seem to be preventing you from reaching that next level of expansion and growth. 

I have been there. I felt stuck for decades in patterns that kept me in a loop of getting the same results. It didn't matter what book, program, or "expert" I hired, The results were never very significant. 


That is because they were not "my" system. I didn't know how to tap into the inner knowing and clarity because it was blocked by too much distraction, external noise, and programs and beliefs from the past. 


When you are fully connected to yourself, others, and the Divine- sky's the limit. 

You can co-create anything you choose. 

  • Imagine a life where money flows to you instead of you chasing it.
  • Imagine a life where you have energy and excess weight seems to fall off.
  • Imagine a life where you have relationships that are healthy and are free of drama.
  • Imagine a life where you have an inner "knowing" of who you are in this spiritual realm.

The Truth & Dare Mastermind is designed to help you

  • Learn how to master your intuition
  • Learn how to manifest like a boss
  • Learn how to have more while doing less
  • Learn how to love what is and feel content and peace
  • Learn how to have close relationships full of love and respect

It is your birthright to know and embody these principles.


It is simply awakening and remembering what they are. 

I am looking for individuals who are ready for this life. I will walk you through each stage of understanding and guide you back to the connection that is yours for the taking. 

What you'll get:

  • 90 Minute Weekly Calls for 3 Months
  • Weekly Voxer Access Directly to Me
  • Emotional Intelligence Technology using Voice Analysis (Daily access)
  • 4 day/3 Night Retreat in St George, UT- Feb 2-5

I ask that you apply- as I only have room for ten individuals that are ready to take the next three months and begin the transformation process. This mastermind is reserved for individuals that are starting to understand that they are not victims but victors- and always have been. 


My love goes out to individuals that feel broken, but this mastermind is not for them at this time (we will have other resources for them). This mastermind is for individuals who have gotten some results, achieved some goals, but are ready to bust that glass ceiling wide open. 

Let's do this.

Truth & Dare - are you willing to take the dare and live your truth? 

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